Embracing the Global Digital Wave: 2018 Global Digital Economy Development Index Report
Time: 2019-03-09 14:02   Views:1676
By AliResearch

AliResearch and KPMG have jointly compiled the global digital economy development index, a barometer to gauge the growth momentum of digital economies in the globe, with US, China, UK, South Korea and Sweden ranking the top 5 among the 150 countries being covered by the research. 

In the annual report to release the headline indicator, AliResearch underlines the three most important features shared by all digital economies across the world: platform support; data-driven; inclusive sharing. The report also pointed out that the measurement of a digital economy mainly hinges on 5 factors: (1) digital infrastructure; (2) digital consumers; (3) digital industry ecosystem; (4) digital public services; (5) digital research. 

For free download of the full report

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