Future of Global Trade:Connecting the World through E-commerce
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Future of Global Trade:Connecting the World through E-commerce

2016 China Cross-border E-commerce Report

Cross-border e-commerce has established a free and open, universal and inclusive global trade platform, on which millions upon millions consumers can buy worldwide while small and medium-sized enterprises can sell worldwide, truly realizing global connection and linkage. Through cross-border e-commerce big data from Alibaba’s platforms, we see that new connections are being built between China and the world via cross-border e-commerce.

  •          Rapid growth:It is expected that by 2020, China’s cross-border e-commerce transaction size will reach 12 trillion Yuan, accounting for about 37.6% of its total import and export, China’s cross-border e-commerce retail turnover will exceed 3.6 trillion Yuan, with an annual average increase of about 37%

  •          Four major growth impetuses: technological progress, consumption upgrading, industrial basis and credit guarantee.

  •          ECI index: According to Alibaba’s big data on cross-border e-commerce (concerning B2B export, B2C export and B2C import), we have prepared the ECI index (E-Commerce Connectivity Index between China and Major Economies), which aims to reflect closeness of connection between China and other countries in cross-border e-commerce. In 2015, the ECI between China and other G20 countries showed the following ranking: the USA, Britain, Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, Germany, Korea, Russia, India, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Indonesia, Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

eWTP: Entering 2016, Alibaba Group called on establishment of the Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP), so as to conform to the trend in our times, better help global SMEs develop, promote growth of inclusive trade and data economy, and incubate new rules for global trade in the times of Internet.

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