Shuyang, Jiangsu Gains the Right to Host the 4th China Taobao Village Summit Forum
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Shuyang, Jiangsu Gains the Right to Host the 4th China Taobao Village Summit Forum

On December 15, the "Appraisal Meeting on the Host Place for the 4th China Taobao Village Summit Forum" was held at Alibaba's Beijing headquarters. Representatives from four cities of Shandong, Jiangsu and Hebei participated in the final competition. After presentations by the representatives and grading by the judges, Shuyang County, Suqian, Jiangsu finally stood out and gained the right to host the 4th China Taobao Village Summit Forum in 2016. It will formally take over the relay baton in the handover ceremony of the 3rd forum which will be held on December 24 this year.

The four cities all sent out powerful representatives to participate in the appraisal meeting, hoping to get the right to host the Taobao Village Summit Forum which is the top conference on rural e-business in China. The deputy mayor of Heze, Shandong was the leader of the team as well as the presenter; both of the teams from Boxing County, Shandong and Shuyang County, Jiangsu were led by their subprefects; and the team from Baigou New Area, Hebei was led by the director of the Economic Development Bureau. This fully showed that the local governments paid high attention to rural e-business and hoped to further boost the development of local Taobao villages by virtue of the forum.

Also, the jury consisted of domestic authoritative experts in the field of e-business, including Wang Xiangdong, Director of Center for Informatization Study of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Liang Chunxiao, Chairman of the Academic Board of AliResearch, Gao Hongbing, Director of AliResearch, Jin Sanlin from Research Department of Rural Economy of Development Research Center of the State Council, He Lansheng, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Farmers' Daily, Professor Liu Ying from Tsinghua University, Professor Xue Zhaofeng from National School of Development at Peking University, Guo Hongdong, Deputy Director of China Academy for Rural Development, Zhejiang University and Wang Junxiu, Director of Institute for Information Society Studies of China Information Economics Society, etc.

In the session of presentations, the four cities each showed its special prowess to fully demonstrate their local e-business characteristics and advantages for bidding, which was enjoyed by the judges. Heze, Shandong not only gave birth to the largest Taobao village cluster in Shandong, but also connected the Internet with rural consumers through close cooperation with Alibaba Group in the "Thousands of Counties and Villages" plan. The government's support for e-business can be said to be unprecedented. Baigou, Hebei is the northern industrial cluster of suitcases and bags. The integrative development of Taobao villages, specialized markets and e-business parks presented the appearance of Taobao villages under urbanization in the future to the judges. The e-commerce industry of Boxing, Shandong not only saved the local industry of straw and wicker knitting craft which had been endangered, but also raised the farmers' passion to start their business. New thinking was brought to the transformation of local traditional industries such as straw and wicker knitting, old coarse cloth, commercial kitchen ware and woodwork. Shuyang, Jiangsu presented the Taobao villages form of "integration of villages, farmers and agriculture". Villages, farmers and agriculture are unified and integrated here through e-commerce, and the trend of public entrepreneurship and general innovation has covered the whole county.

Finally, the judges strictly graded the participating cities according to their comprehensive performance in the characteristics, macro-environment, infrastructure and government support of the local Taobao villages, and the final winner was decided. Shuyang County, Suqian, Jiangsu finally stood out and gained the right to host the Taobao Village Summit Forum next year. The judges indicated that the four participating cities all had great strength and were all able to hold a successful Taobao Village forum. Shuyang County won out by only a few points. There was no loser in this appraisal. All places caring for and supporting the development of rural e-business are winners.

This will be the first time that the Taobao Village Summit Forum is held at a place outside Zhejiang Province since the forum was set up in 2013, which signifies that Taobao villages will spread in a larger area. According to the plan, the 4th China Taobao Village Summit Forum will be held in the fourth quarter of 2016. Welcome to the beautiful "hometown of Consort Yu and village of flowers and trees" next year.
This year's Taobao Village Summit Forum is coming soon. From December 24 to 25, the 3rd China Taobao Village Summit Forum will be ceremoniously held at Lishui Grand Theatre in Lishui, Zhejiang where the representatives of Taobao villages around the country will gather together again. The forum will release the list and research report of Taobao villages around the country in 2015. Also, experts including Zhou Qiren, Ye Xingqing and Wang Xiangdong will be invited to the forum to share their ideas on the theme, which deserves your expectations!

To register for the 3rd China Taobao Village Summit Forum, please log in the official website of the forum: The deadline for registration is December 19. We hope to see you at the forum!

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