Research Report on China’s Taobao Villages (2015)
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Research Report on China’s Taobao Villages (2015)

Key Findings

l  Taobao villages are an important part of Alibaba’s rural strategy, which is in the structure of “dual cores + N”. “Dual cores” refer to rural Taobao and Taobao villages, and “N” refers to a wide range of agriculture-related business on the platforms of Alibaba, such as the characteristics of China, Taobao agriculture, Taobao University,, Taobao agricultural materials,,, etc.

l  The scale of Taobao villages in the whole country reached a new level in 2015. 780 Taobao villages up to the standards were found, increasing by 268% from a year earlier. These Taobao villages are widely distributed in 17 provinces, cities and districts, covering more than 200,000 active online shops. Among them, the number of Taobao villages in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Jiangsu ranked the top three in the country. 71 Taobao towns emerged in the country, increasing by 274% from a year earlier.

l  17 Taobao villages were found in central and West China in 2015. Taobao villages were found for the first time in seven provinces, cities and districts including Hunan, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Beijing, Jilin, Liaoning and Ningxia.

l  The number of Taobao villages in national-level poverty-stricken counties increased from 4 in the previous year to 10 in 2015, and the number of Taobao villages in provincial-level poverty-stricken counties reached 166.

l  Items contributing the highest turnover to Taobao villages in 2015 were clothes. Furniture and shoes ranked the second and third respectively. The fourth to the 10th were: automotive supplies, suitcases, bags and leather products, toys, daily homeware, bedding, outdoor supplies and main home decoration materials in turn.

l  The top 10 clusters of Taobao villages in the country in 2015: Yiwu, Zhejiang, Cao County, Shandong, Jinjiang, Fujian, Puning, Guangdong, Shuyang, Jiangsu, Suining, Jiangsu, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Chaonan District, Shantou, Wenling, Zhejiang and Zhuji, Zhejiang.

l  In 2015, B2B e-commerce villages began to emerge on a large scale. This kind of villages was more closely associated with local industrial clusters and greatly expanded the transaction scale of Taobao villages in the future.

l  Local governments in all places continuously promoted supportive policies for Taobao villages. They are gradually transferring from the stage of completely barbaric development like grass roots into the stage of entry to the market and coordinated development with the government. 

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